Compilation: 130121~?? Super Junior KRY Special Winter Concert at Budokan

Great articles about SUPER JUNIOR from recently 🙂  (including Super Junior’s Rise to International Fame – A 2012 Recap – From 130128 )

Photo Credits: Avex JP

Photo Credits: Avex JP

For the first day of the “SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. SPECIAL WINTER CONCERT in BUDOKAN” on 22nd January, the Nipoon Budokan was lit up with pearl sapphire blue (SUPER JUNIOR’s official colour) lights by E.L.F.s looking forward to the concert.

As the venue lights went off, the strains of the slow melody of “SORRY, SORRY -ANSWER-” were heard, E.L.F.s with their pearl sapphire blue stick lights all stood up at once, cheered loudly and welcomed K.R.Y. (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung). As soon as K.R.Y. appeared on stage, the venue was filled with loud applause.

The E.L.F. s got even more excited as heard from their cheers when “FROM U” started. “FROM U” is a track from SUPER JUNIOR’s…

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